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14k Rose Gold filled Opal, Tourmaline, and Quartz Crystal Mini Pendant

14k Rose Gold filled Opal, Tourmaline, and Quartz Crystal Mini Pendant

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Step into the enchanting world of my craftsmanship with this exclusive mini pendant, lovingly created by hand using high quality 14k Rose Gold filled wire and beads. Delicately nestled atop is a genuine tourmaline faceted gemstone, chosen for its captivating energy of protection, grounding, and vitality. Tourmaline is believed to create a protective shield around the wearer, deflecting negative energies and promoting a sense of security and stability.

At the heart of the pendant is a flashy genuine opal, reflecting my fascination with the ethereal beauty of nature and symbolizing hope, creativity, and emotional healing. Opal is known for its ability to inspire imagination and enhance creativity, while also soothing the emotional body and encouraging positive self-expression.

To add a touch of grounding energy, a natural raw quartz crystal dangles gracefully at the bottom, connecting you to the earth's healing vibrations. Quartz crystal is a powerful amplifier of energy, enhancing the properties of the other gemstones and promoting clarity of mind, emotional balance, and spiritual growth.

Each element of this pendant is meticulously chosen and crafted to resonate with your unique essence, offering both aesthetic beauty and healing energies. This pendant comes on a complimentary 14k Rose Gold filled chain necklace to match.


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