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Labradorite Copper Monstera Pendant

Labradorite Copper Monstera Pendant

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This gorgeous wire-wrapped pendant was handcrafted in my original design, showcasing a beautiful super flashy labradorite stone in solid copper wire. This piece was meticulously oxidized and polished to achieve an enchanting darker antiqued appearance.

Dimensions: 3.66 in x 1.25 in

🌿 **Symbolism of the Monstera Leaf:**
The Monstera leaf symbolizes growth, transformation, and resilience. Just as the Monstera plant thrives and flourishes in diverse environments, so too can we adapt and grow through life's challenges, emerging stronger and more vibrant than before.

🌟 **Healing Properties:**

- **Labradorite:** Known as the stone of transformation and magic, labradorite is believed to awaken the inner magic and intuition. It is said to protect against negative energies, promote spiritual growth, and enhance psychic abilities. Labradorite is also associated with mental clarity and emotional healing, helping one to navigate through life's challenges with resilience and grace.

- **Copper:** Revered for its conductive properties, copper is believed to enhance the flow of energy within the body, promoting physical healing and reducing inflammation. It is also associated with stimulating creativity, enhancing intuition, and balancing the emotions.

Complete with a complimentary copper necklace, this pendant is designed to adorn you with both beauty and healing energies.

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