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Larimar Copper Sun

Larimar Copper Sun

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This gorgeous one-of-a-kind wire-wrapped sun pendant, meticulously handcrafted in my original design with a natural Larimar stone and solid copper wire. This piece has been carefully oxidized and polished to achieve a captivating antiqued appearance.

Dimensions: 1.10 in x 0.89 in

🌞 **Symbolism of the Sun:**
The Sun symbolizes vitality, energy, and life force. It represents warmth, growth, and renewal, inspiring us to embrace our inner light and radiate positivity and optimism.

🌟 **Healing Properties:**

- **Larimar:** Known as the stone of serenity and divine feminine energy, Larimar is believed to promote tranquility, peace, and relaxation. It is said to soothe stress, anxiety, and emotional turmoil, while also encouraging clear communication and self-expression. Larimar is also associated with promoting inner wisdom and spiritual healing.

- **Copper:** Revered for its conductive properties, copper is believed to enhance the flow of energy within the body, promoting physical healing and reducing inflammation. It is also associated with stimulating creativity, enhancing intuition, and balancing the emotions.

Complete with a complimentary copper necklace, this pendant is designed to adorn you with both beauty and healing energies.

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