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Moss Agate and Cubic Zirconia Copper Pendant

Moss Agate and Cubic Zirconia Copper Pendant

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This gorgeous pendant was handcrafted using solid copper that has been oxidized and polished for an antiqued look that gives this piece depth and dimension. The stones used are moss agate and a sparkly cubic zirconia. 

Pendant Dimensions: 2.44 inches x 0.73 inches 

*Comes on a complimentary copper chain to match 


💚- **Moss Agate:** Moss agate is known for its connection to nature and grounding properties. It's believed to promote emotional balance, abundance, and fertility. Moss agate is also associated with growth, renewal, and the release of negative energy. It's often used in meditation to enhance connection with the earth and foster a sense of stability.

✨- **Copper:** Copper is associated with physical healing, particularly in relation to joint pain and arthritis. It's also believed to enhance energy levels and mental agility.

🤍- **Cubic Zirconia:** While cubic zirconia doesn't have traditional healing properties like natural gemstones, it's often used as an affordable alternative to diamonds in jewelry. Symbolically, cubic zirconia is associated with clarity, focus, and amplifying intentions. It's believed to enhance mental clarity and help manifest goals with precision.

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