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Opal and Amethyst Dragonfly Copper Pendant

Opal and Amethyst Dragonfly Copper Pendant

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Handcrafted in my original dragonfly design using solid copper that has been oxidized and polished for an antiqued look that gives the piece more depth and dimension. Genuine Opals and Amethyst stones.

Pendant Dimensions: 1.44 inches x 1.21 inches 

*Comes on a complimentary copper chain to match 


💜- **Amethyst:** Known for its calming energy, amethyst is often used for stress relief, promoting tranquility, and aiding in meditation. It's also believed to enhance spiritual awareness and intuition.

🌈- **Opal:** Opal is associated with emotional healing and creativity. It's thought to promote positive emotions, enhance imagination, and inspire originality. Opals are also believed to strengthen relationships and promote love and passion.

✨- **Copper:** Copper is said to have healing properties related to easing joint pain and arthritis. Some also believe it helps with circulation and reducing inflammation. Copper is also associated with boosting energy levels and promoting mental agility.

- **Dragonfly Symbolism:** Dragonflies are symbols of change, transformation, and adaptability. They're often seen as reminders to embrace change with grace and adapt to new situations. Additionally, they symbolize the power of light and self-realization, as they're creatures that spend the early part of their lives underwater before emerging into the air as vibrant, winged beings.

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