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Peach Moonstone and Quartz Crystal Fairy Butterfly Copper Pendant

Peach Moonstone and Quartz Crystal Fairy Butterfly Copper Pendant

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I handcrafted this stunning necklace, infusing it with personal care and attention to detail. It features a captivating sparkly peach moonstone, accented by peach moonstone beads and a raw quartz crystal dangle. The antiqued solid copper wire wrapping adds a touch of charm, while intricate motifs such as a butterfly, mushrooms, stars, and a fern reflect my artistic vision.

✨Embrace the soothing energies of peach moonstone paired with the grounding touch of copper wire jewelry! 🌿💫 Peach moonstone, with its gentle, nurturing vibes, fosters emotional healing and inner strength, while copper wire amplifies its properties, promoting balance and vitality. Let this harmonious duo adorn you with positivity and grace, guiding you towards inner peace and empowerment🌟

Pendant Dimensions: 2.42 inches x 2.50 inches 

*Arrives on a non-removable copper chain, available in either 16 or 18 inches. This piece is designed to sit elegantly higher up on the neck. If you require a size larger than 18 inches, please select 18 at checkout and kindly message me your preferred length. Thank you!*

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