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Opal Mini Turtle Pendant in 14k Gold Fill

Opal Mini Turtle Pendant in 14k Gold Fill

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This absolutely stunning little turtle pendant was handcrafted with high quality 14k Gold fill wire/beads and a gorgeous flashy genuine opal as the star.

Pendant Dimensions: 0.61 inches x 0.89 inches 

✨Comes on a complimentary high quality *made in Italy* 14k Gold fill necklace to match.

This tiny turtle pendant captures the enchanting allure of opal, known for its mystical healing properties that ignite creativity, passion, and emotional balance. Paired with the enduring wisdom of the turtle, symbolizing patience, protection, and navigation through life's currents, this pendant becomes a talisman of inner strength and resilience. Let the iridescent hues of opal inspire your journey and guide you towards serenity and transformation.

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